Blue Lake: Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains

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My Husband and I discovered the Blue Lake trail last Summer, we very much enjoyed this hike so we hope you will too! I advise to start this trail early to avoid the intense mid-day sun. You can make a day hike of this trail as it is only 5 miles round-trip, however, if you choose to spend time fishing at Blue Lake, or you would like to head to the Lakes beyond, then they might prefer to backpack/stay overnight.

If you happen to be a keen fisherman/woman then bring your fishing pole as there are plenty of opportunities to fish when you get to the Lake. You can take dogs on this trail,however,they need to be on a lease at all times.

This is not a winter hike. The 168 road to Lake Sabrina is closed in Winter due to snowfall. It is not safe to attempt this hike during the winter months. The recommended window to hike the trail is from June-October.

You can access Lake Sabrina from the 168 road in Bishop, California. During Holiday periods this lake can get busy and campgrounds can get full very quickly so make reservations well in advance or get to a first come,first serve campground at your earliest convenience.

The trail starts at the Sabrina Basin Trail head and winds around the South shore of Lake Sabrina. Towards the back of the Lake you are faced with a moderate ascend. I should mention, much of the trail is exposed to the sun so be sure to take precautions. Just be aware during the Summer months there is also an increase in Mosquito activity, so I recommend taking any Mosquito repellent containing a high percentage of Deet.

As you begin the ascend you will be faced with a series of switchbacks which take you through the forests (a welcome break from the sun during Summer) Don’t forget to look around you,the views are beautiful! Especially the view of Sabrina Lake from above.

The trail levels out as you near the Lake. Enjoy spending time there taking in the scenery. The hike is well worth the view at the top.

Depending on your plans for the day, you could stay and enjoy the Lake, and then head back, or you could continue up to the other Lakes further along the trail. (Green coded Trail below)


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